ChangeMan ZMF Explorer and where to find file locations


I have been asked a couple of times as to where to find files that are created by the ZMF Explorer. 

This is a standard VSCode extension and as such all files are under VSCode control and located in VSCode managed folders.

A key file is settings.json - this is edited directing with VSCode when you go into Settings - Extension - then select the extension in question and is shared by all installed extensions.   However, if you need to find the file for some other reason, it can be found in your <homedir>.

On Windows this would be  <homedir>/AppData/Roaming/Code/user/settings.json

If you experience a problem when running the ZMF Explorer, you may be asked to turn DEBUG logging on. This is done again via Settings- Extension- ZMF Explorer and scroll down to the logging option.  Logging should generally be left on the default of INFO when not specifically asked to turn on debug due to the amount of debug data logged.   

The first thing to do is to delete the existing logs which can be found in the VSCode Extensions folder - where all installed extensions reside. 
Again, on Windows this would be in <homedir>/.vscode/extensions/microo-focus-amc.zmfexplorer.n.n.n/logs  for the version of the ZMF Explorer that is installed.   

Within that /logs folder will be the imperative log and the ZMFExplorer log.  Delete those log files. Then go into VSCODE - Settings - ZMF Explorer and turn on DEBUG, then recreate the problem with the minimum number of steps.

Then go back into Settings and turn Logging back to INFO and shut down VSCode.  Save the logs before restarting VSCode and send in  when requested. 

Note that there should only ever be a single micro-focus-amc.zmfexplorer.n.n.n folder contained within the above extensions folder.  If there is an older version, you can safely delete that older folder directly.

Should you ever be asked to supply the profile configuration file - that is a general file used by zowe and the ZMF Explorer exploits that same structure and is shared between the ChangeMan ZMF plugin for zowe cli and the ZMF Explorer.

This way, if you are already using the ZMF plugin for zowe cli, then nothing else to do to use the ZMF Explorer within VSCode.  The file can be found can be found on WIndows in <homedir>/.zowe/zowe.config.json 

Finally a customer area is being set up to allow files to be sent in confidentially so as not to be exposed to the wider audience.


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