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change the code analysis criteria


I am evaluating whether or not to use cobol Analyzer and the first doubt i have is that is it possible to change the code analysis criteria?

If I want to incorporate a new criteria to be analyzed in my code (eg not admitting more than 3 nested If), where should I put it?


  • Hi, new criteria can be defined from Interactive Analysis with the Advanced Search feature.  At the top of the window is the Advanced Search link.  Click there and it will open a window with the library of code search criteria.  New criteria can be created there and shared for other users.

  • We use cobol analyzer in batch mode , without the IDE  so I need kow the path/file in where cirteria or rules are setting to can modify it .

    looking for this i have found this file 

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\COBOL Analyzer\CodeAnalysis\VC\GeneralRules

    but i think that this is not the correct file

  • Suggested Answer


    We might need more details about your architecture and usage of COBOL Analyzer in order to advise.

    Generally, you will use the IDE to create the code searches you would like to run. Once they are created and available, you can run them in every interface, IDE, Web, REST and batch.


    Guy Sofer

    Product Manager