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Advanced Search Criterion


I try to use this criterion to find all fields used in SQL statements, but it does not work very well for me.

here are the results

as you can see the field named "sql-salidaendpoint" and used in a SELECT is in the results

but the other filed named "sql-num-dias" which is also used in another SELECT is not in the results

Why the fileds "sql-num-dias" does not appears in the results?

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    If this is still an issue, you can open a support case at

    Otherwise, you can right-click on sql-num-dias and select Properties and take note of how CA captures and parses this field, especially in comparison to how it does it for sql-salidaendpoint.  Then modify the criteriion as needed to ensure it returns sql-num-dias.

    One potential difference I can see is that the criterion does not return declarations located in copybooks.  Is sql-num-dias declared in a copybook?