Does the "Free Trial" has limitations (ie.. JCL and Scope relationship for KSH) ?

Hello there ! 

I am  evaluating this product for , but have 2 problems   :

- impossible to handle JCL objects (not recognized) : no possibility to imports files with *.jcl extenstion, *.jcl extension not recongnized when creating a workspace using Template, no workaround possible using the CA Administration (for example : descibing the application as 100% Mainframe Legacy) etc ….. did I missed something ?

- if I have shell scripts that "Run" a Cobol Program or Simply "refers to" a Source Program (in comments for instance) : how do i create this Relationship in a Scope (for Diagramer) ?      

For shells, the Relationships available are "Runs System Programs" (it works fine but only for RM and CP shell  commands … no other commands handeling ?) …. and "Runs Program Entry Point"  (so question is : how do you run a Cobol Program Entry Point from shell ? what il the syntax recognized by Analyzer ? ).

Final question : is there limitations on Free Trial version ?  I cannot imagine not managing my JCL's along with my Cobol programs 

Thank you for your time.

Samir Souibes      



  • Hi Samir,

    Thank you for your interest in COBOL Analyzer!

    For your first question, COBOL Analyzer is specifically designed for COBOL applications running off mainframe. We also have the Enterprise Analyzer product which covers all mainframe technologies such as JCL, Enterprise COBOL for z/OS, PL/I, Natural etc.

    Enterprise Analyzer will also be available to try on Azure next week so you can easily and quickly evaluate it.

    Regarding the shell related questions, I now see we don't have the information in our docs, so thanks for raising this and we will add it. One of the ways to investigate and enhance supported syntax in COBOL Analyzer is using the Architecture Modeler.

    But I'll let the experts elaborate on that (   maybe?)

    Regarding limitations, COBOL Analyzer on Azure is limited to using the sample code only and not loading your own code. The regular trial is not limited. As I said, the JCL limitation is because it is only supported in Enterprise Analyzer.

    Hope that helps and let me know if I can assist in anything else.


    Guy Sofer

    Product Manager

    COBOL Analyzer and Enterprise Analyzer