Is there any guidance for running the Brave batch scripts supplied with Cobol Analyzer?



Is it possible to provide general information about running the various brave (*.bj) scripts that come with the product.


There are some general points to make about using the brave scripts.

  • The full list of bj scripts that can be used are documented in the ‘Using Batch Scripts’ help topic.
  • The scripts can be found in the <CA Install directory>\Scripts\BRP directory.
  • Ensure that all parameters that are passed to the brave match the documentation as in upper, lower or mixed case as seen within the docs as all of the scripts are case sensitive.
  • Ensure that you enclose all parameters with double quotes, as spaces will terminate a parameter. This becomes important when passing a spacey name as a parameter.
  • You must pass at least three parameters to brave.
    • The first parameter to brave is always the script to run.
    • The second parameter is always the log file to be generated.
    • The third parameter is always the workspace to use.
    • The other parameters are specific to script to be run.
  • It is advisable to run the scripts in dos administrator prompt not a standard dos command window.


SI # 3197960

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