Error 2753 reported on rescan when running Cobol Analyzer Hot Fix



When running a Cobol Analyzer (CA), error 2753 (screenshot below) is reported during the running of the EA module rescan. This means that the Hot Fix is not installed on the machine.



In the support line downloads section of the Micro Focus site, it states that the CA Hot Fixes are full installs. What this means is that they use the normal install method when the Hot Fix executable is run. It does not mean that they contain the full product plus the Hot Fix. The Hot Fix requires that the relevant CA product is already installed on the machine before the Hot Fix can be applied.

The error reported is that the rescan.exe which is part of the CA product, but not included in the Hot Fix cannot be found on the machine. To resolve this, install the relevant base CA product, which can also be downloaded from the support line site and then reapply the Hot Fix.

SI # 3193161

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