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Visibroker - Ols Versions - Patch files

G'day All,


Is there a way to get hold of Visibroker patch files for a old version?


Information for: osagent
Product Name: BES - VisiBroker Edition: VisiBroker for C (AIX)
Version: 06.05.00.P4
Copyright: (C) 1992-2005
Company: Borland Software Corp.
Build Date: 06/26/2005 05:08:53


The client is using an App which works with this version and we have come to a point where the number of client sessions are on a higher end and that is reflecting in a bottleneck at osagent. I know for sure that there was a fix/patch to make this better but I am not sure where to download it from.


Upgrade of visibroker version is not an option as the newer version might not be compatible with the app but I am open to ideas.


Please guide.

  • Hello,

    Please log in at

    and check the "Product Updates" section of your Micro Focus supportline account.
    This should contain all hotfixes you are entitled to.

    If you do not have credentials to log in, please send a mail to (providing your corporate email address, first name, last name, and a valid phone number) , so that an online account is created for you.

  • Dear Roland,

    Thanks for your reply. I have sent the request for an online account.

    Would you know how long they take for completing the request?

    Also would you know if the specific version that I am looking for would be listed in the product updates section?

    Thanks again.