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DNS Configuration in Orbix 3.3.18

If we configure load balancer with DNS hostname, how do we configure in the orbix the DNS name such that ior file generated would have DNS instead of machine name or ipaddress. We want to configure DNS so that if one orbix is down it can connect other available orbixd process. We are using orbixd process to start orbix


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    Hi Abhilash,

          The most comprehensive method for load balancing between CORBA servers in Orbix 3.3 applications is to use the load balancing built into the OrbixNames standard CORBA naming service. 


         You can certainly take other approaches using load balancing hardware and the mkior binary in Orbix 3.3 but you will need to be careful with objects that implement stateful services since the client expects consistent state of the original object instance during the session. 

         I suggest you open a support ticket for this line of questioning if you need more detailed information on this topic.