transitive dependency 3PP list for 8.5 SP7 and SP8

Hello Team,

We are looking for transitive dependency 3PP list for visibroker  8.5 SP7 and SP8.




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    Hi Abhishek,

          Thank you for your interest in VisiBroker 8.5.  Transitive dependency is a term used mainly in database or DBMS software to denote an indirect relationship between values in the same table that creates a functional dependency. The 3PP standard is a telecommunications standard for functionality that does have a dependency on CORBA for certain features but the standard is agnostic towards any particular product implementing the CORBA specifications so there is no actual dependency on any commercial CORBA product. Since there is no simple answer to this question and in fact there is no transitive dependency in the 3PP spec and any commercial CORBA product I suggest you open a support case to discuss your specific commercial problems or requirements in a case where we can determine exactly what problems you are facing and help you work through the issues with VisiBroker 8.5.

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