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What does minor code "could not convert name" mean in a CORBA::SystemException?

A CORBA call to a remote server process is throwing a CORBA::SystemException which prints out as follows: " minor = 0x49540100 (could not convert name), completion status = NO".  What does this exception mean?  Is it coming from the remote server's ORB, or from our own ORB?  (We are running Orbix 6.3.7 and this is a C CORBA client process.)


  • Hi,

    An unknown exception could be thrown for user exceptions that are not specified in the method declaration and for non-CORBA exceptions. The "could not convert name" is thrown when the reason could not be determined for the given minor code. Is the server using Orbix or some other ORB?

    We will need debug logs from client with GIOP Snoop logging enabled to check if the UNKNOWN exception with this minor code is coming from server or client.

    If you have a support account, suggest to raise a case with us with the logs to further investigate the issue.