VisiBroker installer (text-mode) fails to display Available Disk Space Information



Product Name: VisiBroker
Product Version: 7.0 and later
Product Component: Installer
Platform/OS Version: Unix/Linux

If you are using the console option when running the VisiBroker installer, it fails to display the Available Disk Space Information.

For example, when running the Java Installer Binary as:

java -cp BVE7080WW17180.jar install -i console

gives the following error message:

Disk Space Information (for Installation Target)
Required: 191,600,203 bytes
Available: Error!


A defect CR9717 is logged for the installer component. It would be fixed in one of the future VisiBroker versions. In the meantime, you can continue to use the installer as it does not deter you from completing the installation. In addition, the above error is not present while using the Graphical (GUI) mode.

Some Installation Tips

1. You must ensure Java installer binary is run using the JVM with the same bit version. For example, a 64 bit VisiBroker installer should be run with a 64 bit JVM.

2. The installation package for some OS such as HP-Unix, Red Hat Linux, IBM AIX does not ship any version of the JDK. Therefore, before running the installer, you must ensure an existing JDK is installed and the JDK must be the one supported for that particular version of VisiBroker (refer to product PRAM).

3. VisiBroker 7.0 installation guide is available at:

4. VisiBroker 8.0 installation guide is available at:

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