Created On:  23 March 2011


  • Product Name: VisiBroker 
  • Product Version: 8.0 and above
  • Product Component: general application
  • OS/Platform Version: all supported 
  • JDK/Compiler Version: all supported
How can I verify the memory utilization in VisiBroker?


  1. Memory utilization using VBConsole:
    When application is started with vbroker.orb.enableServerManager=true, the process information (MemoryUsage and totalMemory) can be seen in the VBConsole.  Refer to the attached document (Memory_utilization_steps.docx) to view MemoryUsage and totalMemory using VBConsole.
  2. Information to collect for Frequently Encountered Scenario
    This article also provide the list of items to collect in Frequently Encountered Scenario.  It also includes the commands to execute to retrieve CPU utilization, Memory Leak & Thread Dump/Stack information.