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JCL EXEC SORT not recognized

I have hundreds of JCLs that use SORT like this:


I have already added SORTD to System procedures but it doesn't seem to fix the error: 9015 Prodecure "SORTD" is not registered to the workspace.

I only avoid the error if I add: // PGM001 EXEC PGM = SORTD.

Is there a way to define the execution maybe in the Legacy.xml and avoid the change in each JCL?


Enterprise Analyzer
  • Suggested Answer

    Hi Maria,

    Did you try adding SORTD to both System Procedures and Sort Aliases?

    And did you make sure the added values are enabled (checked)?

    I tried it with my sample code and it seems to work, but if it doesn't for you, please raise a support incident and we'll assist you.


    Guy Sofer

    Product Manager