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Trial Version on Windows 11

Does Enterprise Developer (trial Version) is supported on Windows 11?


Enterprise Developer
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    Hi Priteshkumar,

    You can review the following documentation page to see which versions support Windows 11:
    This shows version 6.0 an 7.0 are supported.

    You can confirm support by checking which Enterprise Developer version you have installed by navigating to the Windows Control Panel > Programs &and Features > Check the Enterprise Developer version in the list.

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  • Thank you Kim for your response.  

    I have got the trial version of Enterprise Developer but I am not sure how do I install it. on SLD, there is a download option but it only has patches for the latest updates.  When I selected the file type as "Software", It had one text file with the below information. So I am not sure, how I install the software.

    This product version does not deliver software files.
    It may deliver a license key or other non-software files.
    If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to Licensing Support.

    Could you please help if you have any information on how do I install and set up the Enterprise Developer on my local machine?

  • Hi,

    How did you get informed on the trials version, eg did you receive an email? If so can you check that for links to the installer file.

    Regarding "on SLD, there is a download option but it only has patches for the latest updates",  will it be possible for you to share a screenshot of what you do see? That will help me understand your issue further, i.e. what links/options are available to you. I recommend you to make sure you are not sharing any sensitive information in the screenshot as it will be visible to other people.

  • Hi Kim,

    Below is the email I received for the trial version which has just a link to the SLD portal. 

    and below is the screenshot of the SLD portal. 

    1) Filter: Patches for Windows 

    2) Filter: Software   

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    Hi Priteshkumar,

    It appears that there is an entitlement issue. I have requested to a friendship on this forum with you, please accept that as then I will be able to message you directly. I want to share information to answer the above and want to avoid sharing this publicly as it contains your colleagues names