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Dataset showing invalid DSORG in catalog

My program is opening an output dataset with DCB in the JCL specified as DCB=(LRECL=80,RECFM=FB,BLKSIZE=0) and DISP=(NEW,PASS,KEEP). Sometime the program logic does not write anything to this file and when this file is empty, the catalog entry of it shows invalid DSORF and thus net step which refer it in SYSUT1 fails to find the file.

However if I specify DSORG=PS then it works fine.



Enterprise Developer
  • Hi,

    I recommend you to take the following approach:
    -Ensure the file being accessed exists on disk.

    -If not able to resolve with above approach, consider creating a support case and include a reproducible test case (include sample files and JCL, COBOL program and directives used to compile) that the support team can use to replicate the issue, include the full text/screenshot of the invalid DSORF error.