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Compiler IBMZPLI and Linker IEWBLINK PL1 in MicroFocus

I have some jobs that call directly to the IBM compiler (IBMZPLI) and linker (IEWBLINK) and id' like obtain the associated compiler and linker programs in MF in order to translate these steps.

I should too translate the compiler and linker option (PARM=), because is possible MF could not recognize IBM original parms.

Thanks in advance.


//* ****************************************************************    00001560

//P7HPLI EXEC PGM=IBMZPLI,COND=(0,LT,P7G),                              00001570

//         PARM=('MACRO,INC,NOINSOURCE,OBJ',                            00001580

//         'GONUMBER,A,SOURCE,OFFSET,MAXMSG(E)')                        00001590

//SYSPRINT DD DSN=&APLI..CSYS,DISP=SHR                                  00001600

//STEPLIB  DD  DSN=IBMZ.SIBMZCMP,DISP=SHR                               00001610

//         DD  DISP=SHR,DSN=CEE.SCEERUN                                 00001620

//SYSIN DD DSN=DIA2000.SYST.LIB.FUENTE(DIAFICT2),DISP=SHR               00001630

//SYSLIB DD DSN=&APLI..INCLU,DISP=SHR                                   00001640

//SYSLIN   DD  DSN=&&LOADSET,DISP=(MOD,PASS),UNIT=SYSDA,                00001650

//             SPACE=(800,(2500,500))                                   00001660

//SYSUT1   DD  DSN=&&SYSUT1,UNIT=SYSDA,                                 00001670

//             SPACE=(CYL,(700,50),),DCB=BLKSIZE=2048                   00001680

//* ********************************************                        00001690

//P7HLKED  EXEC PGM=IEWBLINK,PARM='XREF,LIST',                          00001700

//        COND=(0,LT,P7HPLI)                                            00001710


Enterprise Developer
  • Hi,

    Can you confirm, you are looking for the equivalent of IBM compiler (IBMZPLI) and linker (IEWBLINK)  on the Enterprise Developer product?
    If yes then you can consider to  review following
     documentation link:

    Point: A command-line driver that allows compiling and linking in one step, named mfplx.

    Or do you need an ALIAS for the IBM variants in Enterprise Developer?