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Calls via Micro Focus ECI

Currently, our information system has a Java fat client that makes ECI calls to a "for all platforms" IBM CTG to execute native COBOL programs. However, since we migrated our system to Micro Focus we intend to remove the CTG and instead use Micro Focus ECI calls. For this, I implemented the corresponding tutorial from the Micro Focus documentation and now I am already calling a COBOL program without CTG:
Even so, during the implementation of the tutorial I noticed that the information that the COBOL program will receive through the COMMAREA is passed by concatenating the fields in a Java String.
Instead, in our current scenario, the ECI calls to IBM CTG are made using a Java data structure that is generated with a WebSphere wizard starting from a COPY COBOL.
Therefore, the question is whether there is a wizard in Micro Focus to be able to generate Java data structures that can be passed by parameter in the Micro Focus ECI call.


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