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Hi, when i try to use FINDREP, in MF, i have this error:



Enterprise Developer
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    Hi Federico, I can see phrases such as "FDS" in the output, I assume you are using an FDS (field developed solution), therefore I recommend you to consider raising a support case, then one of my support colleagues can assist you further.

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    I  am usinq,  Micro Focus Enterprise Developer for COBOL under LINUX, and this issue occurs when I try to use de FINDREP function, works perfectly well in an IBM environment (Mainframe under OS/390 and Enterprise COBOL) when I try to use this function in a SORT of a JCL, in order to replace certain values by others, however I will open a support request.

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    Thanks Federico, when raising a support case please consider to include a test case, e.g. cut down JCL or COBOL program, with directives and instructions that my colleagues can follow, also if relevant to a specific region can you share a region export, that way we'll be testing with  the same settings you may have defined there.