Knowledge Doc: What needs to be done when registering sources in a shared workspace using in-place registration within Enterprise Analyzer (EA)?


With the release of the 5.0 version of Enterprise Analyzer (EA), a move was made to use in-place registration with EA.  In-place registration means that EA no longer takes a copy of the source modules registered.
Prior to in-place registration EA would copy the registered source modules into the EA workspace directory structure.   When a workspace was opened, the users view of source would be the copy that is in the EA workspace directories. This meant that, in a multi-user environment, only the EA workspace needed to be shared and this would mean that all users could access the source modules inside EA.

One of the disadvantages of this approach, was that more disk spaces was used than needed and that a process had to be put in place to refresh the EA copy of source when it was changed. From the start of the v5.0 release, EA moved to using in-place registration, which meant EA no longer took a copy of the source and registered it from the directory that it was placed in.

Now, there is only one copy of the source modules, but this is in a different directory to the EA workspace files. The Batch Refresh Process (BRP) is still used, so that EA can identify sources that have changed, and the Analysis information can be updated.

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