Knowledge Doc: Verification of some Cobol programs produce 9999 errors when Generic API processing is enabled


For the situation where programs make calls to a system interface module to perform actions like read a file or table, then generic api needs to be enabled to produce the data access relationships.

After making changes to the legacy.xml to map how the calls are converted to data access relationships, the programs need to be verified to create the relationships.

During the verification process, errors like this are reported:

Error Critical 99999 - Internal error: BRE.dll: BREAnalysis(): 
Internal error: BRE.dll: BREAnalysis(): VarPool cannot allocate 2828497 bytes at once program.

When this happens, the verification ends with a red dot to indicate there has been a terminal error and no relationships are generated. It is possible to get the basic relationships generated by turning off the generic api processing project option, but that will loss all the extended relationship information.

How is this issue resolved?

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