Issue while trying to run the animator debug application (app.r110.kgs.debug.v10) on solaris11 machine (mchunixv10)


Development team is facing an issue while trying to run the animator (debugging tool) in R110 debug application (app.r110.kgs.debug.v10).

Target server is a solaris 11 machine.


Unfortunately the animator shows an error message (please find in attachment: "" (the black one))

then the window disappears (almost immediately)


The development team used the following command to start the app as you can see in attached screenshot "" (the blueish one):

 kgsentw@MCHUNIXV10 ~/r105

$ setupTS -devarea=r105 -appfolder=app.r105.kgs.debug.v10/ -port=8518 -ldlibpath=/export/home/kgsentw/r105/z.KOJAK.nonInternational/lib:/export/home/kgentw/r105/app.r105.kgs.debug.v10/lib:/data/freigabe/r105/lib:/data/freigabe/r105/lib/dia -path=app.r105.kgs.debug.v10/ -start