Space Left in Oracle Tablespace used by Enterprise Analyzer Workspace



Within an Oracle database, the Enterprise Analyser tables are owned by a schema, but stored within tablespaces. How can you tell how much space is left in the tablespaces and can you continue to use your Workspace?



When the Oracle tablespaces are created various options can be specified including maximum size. It is worth doing a regular check on the tablespaces within the database to see if they are close to being full and if any more storage needs to be allocated to the tablepaces.

If the tablespace becomes full, you will not be able to add any programs to the workspace or verify programs without deleting your metrics.

It is advisable to regularly run queries against the database to check on the size of the tablespaces to see if they need to be extended or if more data files added to the tablespaces.

In a large organisation this task may well be performed by an Oracle DBA, but for test databases this may have to be performed by the master user of the Enterprise Analyser workspace.

The query that is attached to this Wiki is an example of a script that can be run to get information about the usage of the tablespaces within the Oracle database. The query will format the output to make it more useful.


It is possible to have tablespaces configured to auto extend, in those situations your concern then becomes ensuring that you have enough disk space for the tablespace.

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