Freeing Up Disk Space in Database for Enterprise Analyzer Workspace



Client was verifying workspace and noticed that database server was running out of disk space.  Client is wondering if it is possible to free up disk space in the database.  Client is using SQL Server.


These steps will also apply to Oracle workspaces.

In most cases, the database should automatically grow to enable more free space for the workspace's database.  In cases where free space is needed, client can perform several options.  Enterprise Analyzer Administration contains tools that can free up disk space by deleting several tables that may not be needed.

Under the Tools menu in EA Administration, the following options can help.

  • Purge Activity Log
  • Shrink MSSQL Database - this shrinks the database files.  Your DBA can also choose to shrink the actual database tables directly.
  • Metrics History - Delete Metrics History.  This option deletes Metrics history that is used for trending data.

If you are planning on re-verifying the workspace, selecting Administer - Invalidate Workspace will truncate full tables, rather than the selective invalidation through the browser which would only delete specific rows.

Heather Caldwell
Micro Focus Community Manager
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