Can Enterprise Analyzer be used In MS SQL Server High Availability Environment?



As Enterprise Analyzer (EA) supports Microsoft SQL Server, can EA be used in their High Availability Environment and if so, how do you configure EA?


This article is applicable to Enterprise Analyzer 7.0 and above

Within the High Availability MS SQL Server environment, there are two main ways to connect to the database. These are:

  • Go direct to the database, so the connection is the same as a standard Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Go via an “Always On Availability Groups” (AOAG) Listener which will then route the connection to the relevant MS SQL Server. The connection information for AOAG Listener is different to the standard MS SQL Server connection.

In both cases, there is another option that needs to be set and that is the MultiSubnetFailover connection option.
Connection parameters for the AOAG Listener
When specifying the server name as part of the connection information, this now needs to be changed as follows:
An example with the listener name SQLLsnr on the default port
An example with the listener name SQLLsnr on port 1440

  • This is how to define the connection name in the 7.0 product. The name configuration is different in earlier versions of EA.

Extra MultiSubnetFailover connection option
To be able to successfully use EA within the MS SQL High Availability environment, an extra connection option MultiSubnetFailover needs to be turned on.
With the release of EA 7.0 Hot Fix 2, there is now a new option for enabling MultiSubnetFailover for SQL Server workspaces that has been added to the create workspace dialog.


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