Net Express 6.0

I have Net Express 6.0 SP2 WS2 installed on my desktop with Enterprise Server, the batch component known as UNITBTCH. This is used to run my batch jobs.

When I tried to start my region today, it gave me an error - CASSI8005S caswait : Error reading console daemon configuration data, RC=10.

How do I get over this issue and get my region started?

Thanks in advance

  • Since you say you're running Net Express, I'll assume this is Windows.

    Try the following:

    • Use Task Manager to see if there are any running cas* processes (cascd.exe, casmgr.exe, etc). If there are, terminate them. (If there's a casmgr.exe process, try killing that one first - the others may go down on their own.) It's possible the problem is due to old processes not having exited for some reason.
    • Use the Windows Services console to make sure the Micro Focus Directory Server service is running.