Getting Connection name not found - SQLCDOE : 000001970K

Hi Team,

I am trying to execute Cobol Db2 program in Micro focus Eclipse. I have completed database and server set up. And also made the changes in Client Options.

I got the successful server setup.

220512 12564078 13856 THIRD CASXO0020I DB7R XA interface loaded. Name(XDB), Registration Mode(Static) 12:56:40
220512 12564078 13856 THIRD CASXO0021I DB7R XA interface local transaction support enabled 12:56:40
220512 12564089 13856 THIRD CASXO0015I DB7R XA interface initialized successfully 12:56:40

however when i was submitting cob+db2 program vai JCL. Getting  Connection name not found - SQLCDOE : 000001970K error.

Please help me to fix the issue. Please let me know any other details required regarding the error.

Thank you


  • Hi, does your COBOL program use a CONNECT statement? If yes, then consider commenting that as in an Enterprise Server context the connection is typically handled by the XA switch (DB7R).

    If further support is required then I recommend you to consider raising a support case where Micro Focus Support can assist you further.