Not able to connect to localhost:10086


I am using Enterprise Developer 7.0. I could not connect to localhost:10086 to launch ESCWA.I could see ESCWA in my services not running and it won't start either. Install/Uninstall/restart is not helping as well. Would be grateful of any assistance. It is a show stopper.

  • Suggested Answer

    Hi Sabeer,

    As this is a show stopper issue I recommend you to raise a support case as soon as possible to seek further assistance for the issue, where my support colleagues can provide further dedicated help.  When raising the case please consider to provide as much information as possible e.g. did you install the product using administrator rights, was this an upgrade or new install, did it work before or not? Does the account (Windows?) you try to use have sufficient permissions to start services/ access all the install product files? Can you stop / start other services such as the MFDS one?