Support Tip: MFBSIJCL returns RC=0209 on Job re-submission


MFBSIJCL returns RC=0209 on Job re-submission

Scenario: Using MFBSIJCL the initial job submitted works without issue, then that job is re-submitted, but a RC 209 is returned.

With the .log file that is generated, in that it may include a return code 209:

JCLSI0001I MFBSI Version 7.0.00  Copyright (C) 2013-2021 Micro Focus. All rights reserved. 20220513_ED70PU8
JCLSI0002I Running environment: (at 2022/06/30 08:27:47) - MFBSI_DIR: C:\Temp\JCL [CAScmd]
JCLSI0003I   Submit: CASOUT.exe -lJCL -jJOB0002111:S0010
JCLSI0001I Invalid job number J0002111 . retrieval request for restart-job ignored
JCLSI0077I JOB0002111  JOB Ended with OS RC=0209.     08:27:47
JCLSI0001I JOB0002111  === MFBSIJCL Ended.   (Total Elapsed Time=      0,29 Sec,cc.)

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Heather Caldwell
Micro Focus Community Manager
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