Webservice client program returning HTTP status code 8

I have autogenerated Webservice client program using how to article in Micro focus documentation link Programming > COBOL Programming > Interface Mapping Toolkit (IMTK) > How toGenerate Clients > To generate a RESTful COBOL console client from JSON

It is working fine for HTTP based webservices. However, same approach does not work for HTTPS based webservice. Its throwing HTTP status code 8 (Communication error) 

Error: HTTP Status Code 00008
Error: Communications component error

Our Micro focus environment does not have HTTPS listener available which could be the reason for above error.

I went through the Micro focus documentation and found below article which could explain the missing Communications component error message


Did anyone faced similar issue? What was done to fix it? 

  • Hi Noel, I recommend you to review the documentation link you included, ensure that your certificates are correctly setup, then test again. If http is ok but not https it points the problem being related to your SSL configuration. Also you can consider using other tools such as openssl to test for the certificate validity. If this does not help then I recommend you to raise a support case to get further assistance as it may need further tracing to be set and troubleshooting/analysis.
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