Is there any well known LDAP connection leak related to Enterprise Server

Hi, we are using Enterprise Server 3.0
We have not finished migration yet.
Are you aware of any connection leak related to communication from M.F. Enterprise Server and the LDAP server.
We are using IDS
The symptom that we are experiencing is that really often, the number of concurrent connections to the LDAP server growth till M.F. crashes and we have to restart it.

Any fix o tip to improve performance or avoid this behaviour will be appreciated.

Thank you!

  • Hi Leandro,

    I am not specifically aware of a leak as you describe but do notice that you are using an older product version, the current version is 7.0.. Can I ask why are you migrating to an older product version? There may be improvements to the the technology areas in later versions that can help avoid the issue. I recommend you to consider raising a support case where one of my customer support colleagues can provide further assistance with the issue you are facing.