Version Upgrade from ES 4.0 to 6.0


Is there any tutorial document on the upgrade procedure from ES 4.0 to 6.0. As soon the .exe is started what are the onscreen windows will come?

What are the important backups should be taken?

  • Is there any  step by step procedure document?

  • Hi, I recommend you to review the relevant readme file (e.g. mfenterpriseserver-60-release-notes.pdf) to understand the steps involved. Regarding backups I suggest creating exports of ES regions/configurations, also backup application data/deployed application modules/sources, so in the unlikely event you need to rollback you are able to do so.

  • Hi Kim,

    We have prepared a checklist for performing upgrade in a temporary server which will be for the upgrade testing activities.

    Is the below checklist items is fine? Also for CICS-Online region is there any other items which we have missed out?

    Verfiy system requirements - Hardware, Operating system and Sofware requirments  MFC Admin
    MFES- BlueZone Configuration setup  MFC Admin
    Backup existing MFES setup MFC Admin
    Install MF software and verify installation  MFC Admin
    Validate MFDS Configurations in both PROD & ONLINE  MFC Admin
    Test of all “supporting” software integration with - e.g. Active Directory, Security, print, online screen, Scheduler, Stunnel  MFC Admin
    Testing of DB connectivity & XA Retry logic MFC Admin
    Testing Filer share connectivity  MFC Admin
    Testing of Spool housekeeping, MFADRCLN, REORG, RUNSTATS, etc. MFC Admin
    Testing of Restart Logic  MFC Admin
  • Hi,

    Unfortunately I do not have visibility into details of your points, such as "Backup existing MFES setup",  therefore it will be difficult for me to confirm your checklist is fine, if you create region exports and backup application related files/sources/projects then I suspect that will suffice, also review the mentioned readme for any further recommendations.

    If you need further confirmation, before proceeding with any upgrade plan I recommend you to consider raising a support case to get this confirmed by appropriate colleagues.

  • Hi Kim,

    from fileshare perspective what do you think can be verified? is the filehare utility similar in version 4.0 & 5.0

  • Hi, I do not expect there to be any changes, it can depend on your configuration. I recommend you to review the readme in case there is something to be aware of. Do you have a special fileshare configuration, or standard? As before I would backup any configuration just in case you find that you need to revert something.  

  • Hi Kim,

    Fileshare is in the same server where MFES is installed. 

  • Hi Noel, As suggested before, review the readme in case any changes affect your situation, make backups of any configuration, does that help to answer your question?

  • Hi Kim,

    Can we upgrade Enterprise Server from 4.0 to 5.0 without upgrading Enterprise Developer? Is it mandatory that ED & ES should have the same versions

  • Hi Noel,
    It is recommended to use the same version between ED and ES, also I recommend to recompile the affected application modules on the new version and re-deploy those, this will ensure full compatibility, avoid potential unexpected errors.  E.g. you may be lucky not to encounter any problems but say for example you use COBOL programs that make use of an entry point in a product module in 4.0, if that entry point changes (for whatever reason) in the newer 5.0 version then it could cause a problem, this is just one example I can think of, there could be other scenarios.