Online Screen (TPX) Error - INVALID GROUP (User ID not found in group)

Hi Everyone,

We are getting the error message “INVALID GROUP” in TPX screen when tried to login through LDAP ID. This online region using Non default external security manager (MLDAP ESM).

It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide solution to fix this issue.

  • Hi Noel, as discussed via private message and also teams chat, 
    I see SYSADM in your screenshots so not sure why you are not able to sign on, is anything shown in the console.log for the sign on attempt? This would need further in depth investigation. If agreed can you consider to raise a support case, please consider to generate and upload a MFESDIAGS diagnostics collection, that will help the support colleague to review the log files for the affected region. There maybe further tracing needed to investigate the issue.

    Please consider to mark this thread as answered if it helps you to get to an answer.