CASSI1711S : Initialization error: another server already active

I am unable to start one of my servers as I am getting the below message. It is showing that the server is already running.  The server name is IMSSRVR.

I even tried to stop the server using 'casstop /rimsserver but still it is not working. 

221122 10570719 CASCD0100I ES Threaded Daemon Initialized (Ver CAS 6.0.00) process-id = 5612 (10:57:06.76) 10:57:07
221122 10570719 CASCD0099I ES Build Tag: ED6.0/20200513 10:57:07
221122 10570772 CASCD0120I Server manager created for ES IMSSRVR, process-id = 9244 10:57:07
221122 10570804 9244 IMSSRVR CASSI1711S Initialization error: another server already active 10:57:08
221122 10570805 9244 IMSSRVR CASSI1001S Server manager initialization failure 10:57:08
221122 10570806 CASCD0153S Server manager IMSSRVR abended in termination by signal 0000000001 10:57:08
221122 10570806 CASCD0139I ES Daemon auto-shutdown started 10:57:08
221122 10570905 CASCD0101I ES Daemon Terminated 10:57:09
221122 10570905 CASCD0174I ES Console process termination control thread exited 10:57:09

I have also checked the page CASSI1711S Initialization error: another server already active ( but could not find any information. 

Can someone please help to stop the server?

Note: Yesterday my ED was hanged so I had to force stop it, so I suspect that the server was not stopped at that time, and it is still running. 


Pritesh Patel