Using Solaris x25 with COBOL


This article explains how to use x25 from Sun with a COBOL program running on the MicroFocus Server.


Can a Cobol program running on the MicroFocus server on Solaris communicate using following libraries:


This can be done in COBOL using a program running under Enterprise Server. The COBOL program would use the Solaris sockets API, as described in the Solaris X.25 Developer's Guide. There are SNA stacks available for Solaris, including LU1 support, such as SNAP-IX from Data Connection ( However, an SNA stack would not be used analogously to the TN3270 server included in Enterprise Server (not to be confused with an SNA 3270 terminal server which is quite different).

The CICS printing facility is already supported from CICS applications using TN3270E printer support. For an SNA-based solution it should be able to be accomplished with TN3270E print streams.

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