CASCS1012E Comms error x'0011' during route of <transaction ID> to system <system ID>



I have set up two regions to communicate via an ISC connection but when I try to start a transaction that uses this connection I get a Comms error x’0011’.


If this error is seen while using an ISC connection between regions, the most likely cause is that the same Device Name is being used on both regions by a 3270 terminal emulator. Proper management of Device Names will avoid this error.

To correct this issue you need to ensure that the Device Name for the 3270 connections on both regions (e.g. ISCA and ISCB) are unique.

In Rumba, the Device Name of a 3270 session can be set as follows -

Connection > Configure...,

on the 3270 tab the field Device Name controls this value.

Note that this KB article explains how to setup ISC connections

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