Welcome to the new Enteprise Test Server community forum


My name is Julia Ito and I am the Product Marketing Director for the Micro Focus Mainframe solutions. We at Micro Focus have been working relentless over the years to build the best solutions for you, and that would not have been possible without your help. The Forum is yet another way we have to extend our reach to your needs, and it is here for you to share your thoughts, ask questions, submit comments or suggestions and help make our solutions better than ever! We will be monitoring the forum on a daily basis making sure you get all the assistance needed, so don’t be shy and start networking with your mainframe peers.

This is a Forum for the mainframe community, so don’t restrict your forum entries to just inquires on our solutions. We have accumulated a great mainframe experience and we will be happy to share our knowledge and continue grow our experience with you.

I invite you to post your questions, and help others grow their knowledge with the Micro Focus Mainframe solutions and mainframe overall.

In the name of the Micro Focus team and I, we would like to welcome you to our forum. We look forward to networking with you and grow the mainframe community together.

Julia Ito