Sample Application for ETS 4.0

Hi Team,,

If  I am going to install Enterprise Test Server in my environment ,Can you advice the possibility of getting sample Mainframe application as part of ETS to verify the installation and technology-stack that it can support .This mainframe application can have list of programs like COBOL,DB2,IMS,Assembler,JCL  etc.

Reason for asking this is , incase if I face issues/delay in setting up the REAL application ,is there possibility to utilize the SAMPLE application from Micro Focus to verify the installation .

Thanks for your help and knowledge Sharing !!!




  • In Enterprise Developer, there are several sample applications and tutorials about compiling, debugging and running the applications within Enterprise Server. The Enterprise Server technology is the same in Enterprise Developer and Enterprise Test Server and you'll need to have it to build the applications to run in Enterprise Test Server . I think this should satisfy your needs
  • Thanks Steve .This will suit well if,I have both Enterprise Developer and Enterprise Test server together. Is it mandatory to have both in all the cases. I am simply after IVP(Installation Verification Procedure) jobs for ETS alone. If not ,I have develop a sample application from scratch to test it.
  • It is pretty much mandatory as far as I know. I don't have ETS installed anywhere right now so I can't confirm if we deliver and compiled application code to do an IVP with. I don't see anything in the documentation to indicate we do.

    As a result, in order to compile your application and build the executables that will run in Enterprise Test Server you will need Enterprise Developer. You won't need to create any code, just use the samples from Enterprise Developer. You can download a 30 day evaluation copy of f the Micro Focus website