Problem passing files with AS400 MyExtra "Access to an unnamed file was denied"

Hi all.
I hope you are fine, I am using the Filetransfer client from myextra 9.4, and I am trying to transfer a file to a shared folder, but when I select the "transfer" option it throws me the following error.
Anyone know what can it be.
Thank you very much for your attention and help

  • Hi NelsonZamudio,

    There are a lot of factors that can affect the transfer.  This session appears to be configured for batch file transfer. You can also choose FTP which will present a different dialog.  If you have a working client compare the settings for this file to see if changing the value for the File type, description file, or source type has an affect on this issue.


    Jeff B

  • Verified Answer

    Thanks for your answer, we have fixed the error, it turns out that we had configured a file called Extra.ftb, which is the saved file that contains the file transfer settings, it turns out that the user who executed said file did not have enough permissions to modify said file, we proceeded to review the permissions and it is observed that there is an advanced permission called delete folders and files, this permission was activated in allowing and the application worked
    Thanks for your help