Keyboard mapping the square brackets [ send a "cent" sign

Mainframe 3270 connection, using the IBM 101 keyboard mapping, when I press the left square brackets [ I get a "cent" sign, where is this mapped?  How do I make the bracket appear correctly.  Other emulators work fine, but having this issue with Extra?

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  • The suggested answer doesn't work, I can't correct the title of this, but it should have said "Keyboard mapping the square bracket [ sends the 'cent' sign instead INCORRECTLY".  I have the [ bracket, the keyboard mapping shows that it's doing a SEND KEYS with [ bracket, it looks correct, however when I press the [ bracket, a cent sign shows up, this is incorrect, I don't want a cent sign, I want the [ bracket to show up.  Just like any other key, when I press the X, I want the X to show.  So, when I press the [ bracket, I want the [ bracket to show.  Other emulators do this correctly, but I can't get this to work correctly in Extra, how to fix?

  • Hi Don Doty,

    Please make sure the Keyboard Map that the user has selected is updated properly:

    As stated in the instructions above, you must choose select "Send Special Keys" and choose the bracket character from the dropdown list:

    Because this is a special key to the host, simply typing the bracket as a standard keystroke will not change the behavior of the key.  Standard "Send Keys" action with a bracket sends the same code as the cent sign.


    Jeff B.