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How to set user specific setting in Reflection ZFE

Hi team ,

Currently in reflection ZFE when two user using same host session , if one of them is going to change the the setting then  its reflect to other user as well like display setting from Reflection ZFE workspace.

how to achieve isolation of same host session to two different users.

thanks in advance and regards.


Reflection ZFE
Host Access Mgmt/Security Server
  • The information for user preferences is stored on the server.  You can control what the users are able to control using the User Preference Settings.

    The individual user settings are stored on the server.  Are you using an authentication/authorization method such as LDAP or does anyone that connects to the webpage see the session(s).



  • Hi Team,

    We are trying to apply user specific setting at session level to allow personalise color mapping and other setting for particular user session.

    Even though  we tried to change setting on one machine and verify at other user machine , both of users were getting same setting effect.

    So as per document we tryied to isolated  user by using below code in  sessionserver/../conf/ file

    Code Line:-


    Still we are getting same result on both machine


    Pleas help here if do we miss anything

  • Are these users connecting to the MSS server anonymously or authenticating though LDAP or some other method?

    Assuming this is anonymous the answer to your question should lie here.

    If you are using LDAP or some other authentication method to identify users the default behavior should separate the user preferences without any changes to configuration.