How to get separate window instead of tab in same windows for each session in reflection ZFE

Hi team,

Currently in reflection ZFE there is all connected session open as a tabs in Reflection ZFE workspace in single browser tab/window . we want to open separate browser window tab for each session , Is this possible to achieve this in Reflection ZFE , If yes then how we can do this?

Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Vaibhav Golase,

    If you are looking to have separate tabs in order to see two or more sessions at the same time, the simplest way to solve your issue without having to change configurations on the server is to open a second tab and connect to the session server a second time.  Each tab in the browser will mirror each other, but you can have "ZFE tab one" in focus in browser tab one and "ZFE Tab two" in focus in browser tab two.  If you want all sessions to open in a separate window, you can modify the file on the session server.  Contact our Tech Support team for assistance with this change on the server.  Call 800-688-3270  or email