Mainframe Security?

What would be the one thing that I should do when it comes to Mainframe Security?

Heather Caldwell
Micro Focus Community Manager
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  • In the session yesterday i spoke about 4 controls:

    Access Control-making sure you are using advanced authentication techniques and making sure you are authorizing individuals according to the principle of least privilege.  

    Encryption-both for data at rest and data in transit

    Redaction-making sure you are not presenting entire pieces of sensitive data to end users that don't have a legitimate need to view it.  

    End Point hardening-locking down the terminal emulator and the applications to the principle of least privilege, think about this do all your users need to create new sessions to a mainframe?  Do they need to edit macros?  I challenge you on this.

    So what you should you do in your environment?  My answer is SOMETHING.  We can't continue to promote mainframe security through obscurity.  We must take action and start applying enterprise controls to mainframe access.  controls work better together and if you can't stop the breach then at least mitigate the impact.  

    I am always open to a conversation on your specific environment, don't hesitate to reach out here or email me directly at