Reflection ZFE 2.2 Now Available


(Repost from 6 December 2017)

Micro FocusRegistered proudly announces general availability of Reflection ZFE (Zero Footprint Emulator) 2.2, the latest release of the leading enterprise-grade solution for secure, managed web browser access to host applications and data.

Keys themes for this release:

• New Integration Capability (not available in Refection for the Web)
• Continuation of closing the feature gap with Reflection for the Web
• Continuation of enhancing capabilities already within Reflection ZFE
• Customer driven improvements & minor fixes

What's New!

New Integration Capability

• ZFE Client Connector for Windows - Provides the ability to use Reflection ZFE in any Microsoft VBA application to perform actions on any host. It is a C# object that exposes itself via COM. Reflection ZFE authentication is available using this connector. This integration capability is not available within Refection for the Web.

New Features that Close the Gap with Reflection for the Web
• Scrollback Buffer - For VT based sessions the ability for users to scroll back through their 'history' (max row amount defined by administration). In the backbuffer users are able to perform standard operations expected on a read only screen (Copy, Print Screen, etc.). End users are able to make their own configuration changes if given access by administration.
• Anonymous Mode - The ability for anonymously authenticated users to gain access to their previously defined user configurations and user macros.
• Single Session Mode - Ability to host only a single session in the Reflection ZFE browser tab. When Reflection ZFE is in this mode, users will not be able to open new sessions in the currently opened Reflection ZFE container.
• FTP and SFTP Support - Availability of FTP and SFTP zero footprint file transfer clients.
• Unisys T27 Emulation - Support for the Unisys T27 protocol for screen emulation.

Feature Improvements
• IND$FILE SDK API - Documentation and Support in the IND$FILE API for macros written in JavaScript.
• VT Emulation - Improvement or addition of settings for the following:
 Connection setup
 Keyboard setup
 Emulation setup
 Advanced telnet settings
 Display setup
 Status line
• 3270 Terminal Emulation - Improvement or addition of settings for the following:
 Keep alive packets
 Connection setup
 Advanced telnet settings
• Reflection for the Web support - Ability to import remote profiles.

Customer Driven Improvements & Minor Fixes
• Keyboard mapping for macros: Ability to map strings to keys
• Record host traces: Ability to record traces against the host communications
• Localization in Spanish

To learn more:

Reflection ZFE web page
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications – Unisys Add-On
Product Release Overview
Release Notes

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