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Is Extra! X-treme 9.1 ( still supported

Question 1: Is Extra! X-treme 9.1 ( supported?

Question 2: Windows 10 Pro OS built 19041.264 compatible to Is Extra! X-treme 9.1 (



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    Hi Kea,

    According to the Product Support Lifecycle page, Extra! X-treme 9.1 was released in 2009 and is no longer supported and has not been tested (or supported) with any version of Windows 10.  The current version of Extra! that supports Windows 10 is 9.5 and in the next couple weeks Extra! 9.6 will be released.  If you are a maintained customer, you can download the current version of the product here.

    If you need support for Extra! contact us.

    Best Regards,


  • Thanks for your prompt response Jeff B, your information is much appreciated and it also helps to direct our troubleshooting properly to come up with a solution for our current problems.

    We also help need with the link to downloading of the trial version so we can try it and see if it is working on the new Win 10 laptops that are failing connect. I registered for the trail version twice already yesterday but I am not getting any emails to download it and test it. Your help will be much appreciated. Kind regards
  • Kea,

    It sounds like you have followed the process for the trial correctly.  My best recommendation is to check your SPAM and junk folders/rules for the email.  The email is from "Micro Focus" with the Subject of "Your Extra! X-treme trial download link."  That email subject contains all kinds of keywords and punctuation marks that will likely set off any spam filter.



  • Thanks for coming back to me Jeff B, I came right though. I asked one of the technicians to register and she came right.
    We managed to download the trail.
    Kind regards
  • Yes it is still supported. you can install and trail it easily
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