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How can launch Rumba AS400 Display from command line which will show me the login screen so I can input my username and password?

We are working on a automated process which need launch Rumba AS400 from command line. We noticed there is an example like below:

RumbaPage.exe /Display:MFrame /Host:<destinationHost> /Port:<Destination Port>

but this command and arguments cannot bring the AS400 /TN5250 login screen let me input username and password

What should be the correct command arguments so I don't need select AS400 display from Rumba GUI? Then it can recognize the destination host and port from command line to launch Rumba until the login screen show up automatically?




  • Hello Andree,

    I just send you my meeting link via private message. really appreciated!

  • Hello Andree,

    Thank you very much to have a troubleshooting session with me online. It is really helpful to resolve the issue.

    It turns out I installed a wrong component Rumba_AS400_eval.exe from unzip trial package on a machine that have WTS enabled.  Instead, I should install Rumba_Citrix_eval.exe

    Besides this software, all your instructions are valid and necessary to follow.

    Now I can launch the AS400 Display with saved session profile from command line. I can also launch it with arguments like below:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\RUMBA\System\RumbaPage.exe" /Display:as400 /Host:<myhost> /Port:<myport>

    Sincerely appreciate your great help especially it is already your late evening time!

    Best wishes!