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EXTRA! X-treme toolbar pointing to windows environment variables

I’ve scrapped together a few useful macros for work and added them to a tool bar for easy access.  A number of other employees would like to have my toolbar as well.  I would like to avoid going to each computer and changing the path of every toolbar button, so I tried to use windows environment variables.  The example below shows the original path to the macro, and how I attempted to resolve the issue when sending the toolbar and macros to other users.

OLD:  C:\Users\00000000\Documents\Attachmate\EXTRA!\MACROS\MyDir\Calc.ebm


NEW:  %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Attachmate\EXTRA!\MACROS\MyDir\Calc.ebm

Unfortunately using %USERPROFILE% on the run macro path in the toolbar does not function.  

Am I missing something obvious here or how can I resolve this issue?


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    Hi David,

    With the Extra! application open, if you have a look at Options - Global Preferences - Files/Directories Tab, you will see the default Macro search path.  If you place the macros in that default location (which is where they are created/saved by default), you do not have to use a path when you run the macro from your toolbar button.  Additionally, I note that your example macro is named "calc.ebm."  I don't know the full extent of your macro, but note that you can run an application directly from a toolbar button and don't need to have a button reference a macro to launch the application.


    Jeff B

  • Thanks, I will give that a try right now.  The calc.emb is fictitious file. I just put it there as a sample file name.  

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