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Extra! Basic Dialog box manipulation

I need to have cascading DropListBox's for a menu that builds a string. For example if DropListBox1 has three plus options it will display DropListBox2 to DropListBox4 below it depending on selection. Each subsequent DropListBox will need to hide/reveal the appropriate DropListBox selection.  I'm unsure if this would best be done by having multiple sub DropListBox's and have them display or hide depending on previous menu selection like the bad example image or if I should propagate each DropListBox with an array.   Which would be more efficient?  I've been unsuccessful in both hiding / revealing and propagating with arrays.  The goal of the dialog box is to create a string that it sends to the terminal. I'm an end user, not a developer but I am putting in earnest effort to learn.

My current partially functional dialog looks like:

Bad Example:


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