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Extra! X-treme Hotspot assignments

One of my macros brings up an information page with some of the items being static. I created Hotspot assignments for these static items to run certain macros. My macro and hotspot assignments work wonderfully. The difficulty I’m having, is sharing the hotspot file with people using my macro.  There are far too many assignments for each user to reassign them, which is why I shared a copy the hotspot file with my macro.   The issues are that no one seems able to use my HotSpot.ehs without receiving error when trying to load it in settings.   Could someone please explain one or all of the following.

  1. How do I share a .ehs file correctly when distributing a Macro?
  2. How do I programmatically assign HotSpot.ehs to their session?
  3. How do I programmatically create hotspot assignments?

 I’ve been reading for guidance, but not getting what I need out of that reference.


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