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Red Hat Linux Upgrade: Unable to connect to host

I've been using Reflection for Unix and OpenVMS 2011 R3 for the past 10 yrs with no issues.  Recently my organization had begun upgrading our environments to Red Hat Linux.  As each environment is being upgraded, my Reflection software will no longer connect to the host.  I've searched to find if there is an update to my software that will fix this issue but I'm not having any luck.  Hoping someone in this Community will have suggestions.  



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    Hi Marcia,

    I'm not aware of any problems connecting to newer versions of RHEL. Perhaps the appropriate service (i.e. SSH or telnet) is not running on the host, or a firewall is blocking your connection attempts.

    Have you checked with your helpdesk or system administrator?


    Andrew Taylor
    OpenText Support Engineer

  • Marcia,

    One additional possibility, because this version of RUO is so old, maybe the negotiation of encryption protocols cannot come to an agreement.  The client may not have a matching encryption protocol that the server is looking for.


    Jeff B