paste operation is disabled (greyed out) after small amount of screen history in Extra 9.6 SP1.

"paste" operation (via edit toolbar and right-click method) becomes disabled after a very small amount of screen history in Extra 9.6 SP1.

The problem with the paste operation becoming disabled did not occur in Extra version 9.2 until a very large amount of screen history. 

Setting used for screen history in both versions is the same (enabled, don't include scrolling region, don't retain history), 

Is there some setting to prevent this from happening, or is this a known defect in version 9.6?



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  • Hi Ward,

     I did some testing in Extra! X-treme v9.6 SP1 and found that there is a problem where the “Paste” operation becomes disabled, but it doesn’t seem to be related to screen history but is related to which VT Page memory the terminal is displaying.


    I’ve found that the “Paste” operation is disabled when the VT terminal is displaying any VT page of memory other than Page 1.  By default, it is always on VT Page 1, but your host application could be displaying a different page of memory (i.e. Page 2 to 6).  Note: Page memory is different than screen history.


    To see which page of memory the terminal is displaying, look at the VT status line. 


    The first number shows which Page of memory the VT cursor is on (which is normally always “1” unless your application is showing a different page).  The other numbers are which row and column the cursor is on.   If the status line is showing any number other than “1” for the Page memory, then you will encounter this problem.


    I tested Extra! v9.6 and found the problem doesn’t occur.  I didn’t test v9.2, so don’t know it behaves exactly like v9.6, but this is definitely a change in behavior between v9.6 and v9.6 SP1 so will report it to Development.  I could not find a workaround to the problem—other than using v9.6 without the Service Pack.


    If this doesn’t seem to be the problem you are experiencing, please contact OpenText Technical Support so we can troubleshoot further.




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    Hi Dawn,

    I appreciate you taking the time to research this, as it was a productivity killer. My findings are not the same as yours, however.  VT page in memory stayed as 1 at all times when "paste" became disabled.  I created the scenario every time by simply listing a directory containing a very large number files.  On version 9.3 it had no issue.  On version 9.6 SP it had an issue every time, strictly related to amount of screen I/O, possibly involving history.

    I just became aware that the new version 9.7 became available in May 2023, so I downloaded that and tested it yesterday.  I am happy to report that since upgrading to version 9.7, the problem has been resolved.

    Thanks again for your help

  • Hi Ward,

    That’s excellent news!  I’m glad to hear that Extra! 9.7 resolved the problem.  I did more testing today and was able to duplicate the problem you were seeing in v9.6 SP1 when I set the History buffer size to 64 KB.  The problem perhaps happens after the History buffer becomes full.  Yesterday I had it set to 1024 KB which could be why I didn’t see the same problem—I probably didn’t have enough data in it.